A podcast centered around topics you would hear in your local, SOMD or DC area bar, hosted by 3 normal guys who frequent them...

Buster Williams

Buster Williams

Born and raised in Southern Maryland, I have followed DC Sports my entire life. Forever greateful to the Caps for finally breaking through and giving us a winner. UMD Alumnus with a degree in Economics, which has been put to use for zero jobs. Married to a beautiful woman, who has given me two amazing daughters.

Jeff Butler

Jeff Butler

I'm a self-proclaimed "blind-homer" who loves all of his local sports teams, for worse or worser. I've always had a knack for writing, and for having friends with similar interests and big ambitions (i.e. Buster). I paid for a degree in Kinesiology from UMD, which comes in great use for my day job of managing a Roofing company.

Rick Mattingly

Rick Mattingly

Self proclaimed master of nothing. Relocated from Baltimore to Southern Maryland and grew up a fan of DC sports. No college education. Out-kicked my coverage by a country mile.

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Mar 13th, 2019

Episode 10: $3 per minute

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In this episode, there's a 2 man show in the studio with Rick joining for a segment from the cruise ship. The guys cover NFL Free Agency, J-Lo and A-Rod, Bryce Harper (it will never end), and their weekly segment, The Third Degree.

*DISCLAIMER- We had some audio issues this week on the phones, we've fixed it moving forward!*


00:52- INTRO
02:08- Fast Food Talk
08:37- Rick joins from the cruise ship
28:47- NFL Free Agency
40:30- LeBron James Hate
43:58- An owner worse than Dan Snyder
45:40- Cops Harass Cancer Patient
48:02- Final Wishes
50:37- J-Rod vs. Jose Canseco
56:14- Bryce Harper is a douche
01:01:05- Caps Talk (briefly)
01:02:45- "The Third Degree"
01:12:24- OUTRO