A podcast centered around topics you would hear in your local, SOMD or DC area bar, hosted by 3 normal guys who frequent them...

Buster Williams

Buster Williams

Born and raised in Southern Maryland, I have followed DC Sports my entire life. Forever greateful to the Caps for finally breaking through and giving us a winner. UMD Alumnus with a degree in Economics, which has been put to use for zero jobs. Married to a beautiful woman, who has given me two amazing daughters.

Jeff Butler

Jeff Butler

I'm a self-proclaimed "blind-homer" who loves all of his local sports teams, for worse or worser. I've always had a knack for writing, and for having friends with similar interests and big ambitions (i.e. Buster). I paid for a degree in Kinesiology from UMD, which comes in great use for my day job of managing a Roofing company.

Rick Mattingly

Rick Mattingly

Self proclaimed master of nothing. Relocated from Baltimore to Southern Maryland and grew up a fan of DC sports. No college education. Out-kicked my coverage by a country mile.

Playing: A Swing and A-mish



Feb 26th, 2020

A Swing and A-mish

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In this episode of DBT, the guys are joined by Rick's co-worker, Kevin, who happens to be a former Amish (well, technically Mennonite, but ya know, same diff...)

The guys awkwardly navigate their way through all the questions and mystique regarding the Amish culture, and unveil some reasons to believe its all a hoax. 

They also find out that Quidditch is a real sport apparently, and sample Papa John's newest creation, the "Papadia". 

Give it a listen!